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Clock Work, Blood Work by Sean Walker

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2016-01-15 10:05:07


This animation uses a 12-12-3 Archimedean tiling, with circles as vertices. Three distinct arrays are constructed and used to rotate symmetrical sub-groupings of the tiling's vertices (3,6,18) during the animation. Because I tend to convert many of my 2D animations into 3D ones and because Processing's PVector class is irritatingly mutable, I use the 3-space classes from Apache Commons library for vectors and rotations.

This animation is dedicated to Corina Marinescu for her impressive contributions on G+ and because she's a wonderful inimitable character:

If you enjoy this animation, are interested in seeing others or would like to ask any questions, please visit me on G+:

What is this all about?

Processing is an open source programming language.
As you can see here, it is embeddable on a website by using Processing.js.

Check out also the Google+ Page +Processing and their Google+ Community.

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