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  • Gerwin Sturm

    API partner with his website All my +

    I'm a software developer from Austria with my own company +FoldedSoft e.U. always on the look-out for new and challenging projects.

  • art oflutz

    Working on the Re-Design of

    Painting, taking a photo or working with grafics, that's my life. All to often, i'm creating my own virtual reality with Gimp, Blender, Vue or Inkscape. The journey is the reward, let's take a walk.

  • Dirk Talamasca - RIP :(
    Twitter United States

    Managing the English language on

    Dirk has worked in the fields of internet abuse, regression testing, user experience and interface design and has collaborated and developed tools to assist those that are visually impaired. He posts prolifically on Ireland, History, Blues Music, Design and Offbeat Humour.

  • Jacob Dix

    Managing the Swedish pages of

    Father, husband, writer.

    My other interests include (mobile) photography, drawing, book collecting, literature, coffee.

  • Luc Suy

    Managing the Dutch pages of

    I'm a C# developer in Antwerp, Belgium.
    Married, 3 children, 2 boys and a girl.

    I play football, and I like pigeon racing, sports in general, cycling, cyclocross, rugby and horses.
    Mc Chouffe is my favorite beer, along with Kwak, Geuze Jacobins and Franziskaner Weissbier Dunkel.

  • QuoteMirror
    Twitter Facebook Germany

    Supporting with graphics and quotes.

    Quote Mirror is a project envisioned by Christian Haase and Martin Dudek. Quotes simplify complexity – we make this art.

  • Marc-André Beauchamp
    Twitter LinkedIn Canada

    Managing the French pages of

    Google Evangelist Consultant at #DigitalMAB

    Google Top Contributor since 2013 for the product; Google+, GMail, Maps, Nexus, YouTube in the French market and Inbox, Maps, Map Maker for the English market. I helps users and tries to find solutions with them to address their concerns with the use of Google products from the official help forums. I also post a lot Google Things in Google+. My slogan are "If Google is near, check if I am here!"

  • Rajesh Narayanan
    Twitter Facebook India

    Managing the Indian pages of

    I am an Investor and Trader in financial markets. Active Google+ user, sharing interesting stuff from the world of Google+, technology,photography and finance.

  • Friends+Me
    Twitter Facebook Czech Republic

    Share Google+ Posts to ANYWHERE
    How and when you share is key to return on engagement!

    Friends+Me, the only personal social media assistant you’ll ever need.
    Post Once, Share to any social network
    Friends+Me supports reposts of publicly published posts from Google+ Profile and Google+ Pages to multiple Facebook profiles / pages / groups, Twitter profiles, App.Net profiles, Linkedin profiles / pages / groups and Tumblr blogs. Reposts to multiple accounts at once is an awesome feature, especially for community managers and social marketing people.
    Save Time and Analyze your efforts!