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Michael Dubnik has been at 41 events

Mia Voss35,900Heads Up: *This is a paid webinar, not a free HangoutOnAir* Yup, I'm taking all the great tips & info I've picked up over the last 2 years and piling it into an action packed webinar called ... *How To Give Great Video™*   Video... it's where it's at! Want to learn how to look, sound, act, not act and get set up for video? Afraid to jump in front of the camera? Then this webinar is for you! YouTube Host & Interviewer Mia Voss of The Mia Connect has hosted and appeared in over 300 YouTube videos and has mastered the art of the what to do/what not to do for Video Content. Tuesday, June 9th, 1pm PT / 2pm MT/ 3pm CT / 4pm ET Some of the webinar topics will include: -  Why Video Content Marketing is important - The 360 Approach - How to look and sound your best on video - Presentation & speaking tips - Crafting Your Message - Setting goals & focus of the video message - Finding your video comfort level - Dealing with panic & nervousness - Setting up your own Broadcast Tower - equipment & setup - How to be your best authentic self on video! This one hour session also includes a Q&A session at the end. Can’t make the date? Don’t worry! You’ll have access to the webinar for a limited time after the broadcast. *Now pay attention... the webinar will NOT happen here on this link - this is just the invite*   I've partnered with @105076725141939280120 of @112429230126703393593 to broadcast the webinar on Business Hangouts. Head over to my website & click on the PayPal link. Sign up now and take advantage of the discounted price of $57  OR click on the tickets link here on the event. http://themiaconnect.com/how-to-give-great-video/ Space is limited.How To Give Great Video™ Webinar2015-06-09 22:00:0087  
NEC Display Solutions1,050This 1 hour hangout will be discussing the FDA’s menu labeling requirements and what the next steps are for the food industry in order to meet these requirements. The expert panelists will be discussing these key points:    • What the food industry needs to know about the FDA’s requirements • How to update existing menus to meet the FDA’s guidelines • The effect that these guidelines will have on the food industry • How to use digital technology to display proper digital menu boards • How digital menu boards can help a restaurant • Strategies and techniques to meet the stringent requirements of the menu labeling requirements • Answer what the FDA will look for in “certified nutritionals" The panelists that will be joining this discussion are: • Betsy Craig, CEO & Co-Founder of @107735900682248493560  • Brandi Kler, SVP, Product Management at Allure Global   Richard Ventura, Vice President of Business Development and Solutions at NEC Display Solutions, will be moderating this hangout. If you have any questions, please post them in the comment section of this hangout and they will be answered during the live discussion. To learn more about the menu labeling act visit: http://www.fda.gov/Food/IngredientsPackagingLabeling/LabelingNutrition/ucm217762.htm #HangoutWithNECFDA Menu Labeling Requirements: What you need to know & how to prepare2015-05-06 21:00:0044  
Emerging Futures, What's Next?0When I asked @102654116826368353784 (The former head of product experience and a founding team of Google X, creator of Glass and the driveless car) to join me on a hangout and talk about the future of things.. how will technology affect our lives..robots and the likes, he asked: what for? Why don't we talk about practical solutions to today's most urgent problems? And you know my respect for the guy that was already way up there, just increased 100 times more. So join us as we talk with one of the smartest in the world, about *moving from the world we have to discovering and creating the world we want together.* So what will we talk about... ✓   Anything from Google X... ✓   Building companies, creating a product and selling it in 48 hours               (yes, he does that!)... ✓   Going deep on global challenges and/or technology shifts ✓   Understanding whether you are working from your highest point of              leverage ✓    Learning to see sales as service ✓    Having your identity be a verb instead of a noun *Who's Tom Chi...* Tom Chi has worked in a wide range of roles from astrophysical researcher to Fortune 500 consultant to corporate executive developing new hardware/software products and services. He's play's a significant role in established projects with global reach (Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Search), and scaled new projects from conception to significance (Yahoo Answers from 0 to 90 million users). Tom has pioneered and practiced a unique approach to rapid prototyping, visioning, and leadership that can jumpstart innovative new ideas as well as move large organizations at unprecedented speeds. These approaches have benefited over a dozen industry-leading companies. He most recently served as head of product experience at Google X developing technology such as Google Glass and Google's self-driving cars. His current focus is delving into human development issues with social entrepreneurs around the globe, rebooting the fundamental frameworks of entrepreneurship itself, and teaching a limited number of workshops to select organizations. http://about.me/thegoodtomchi ---------------------------------- Join us to speak with one of the smartest people around about the world we want and can create. And bring 2-3 friends. ------------------------- #hangoutsonair   #googlex   #tomchi   #googleglass   #drivelesscar   #googlecar   #technology   #innovation   #humandevelopment  Tom Chi on Practical World Changing Ideas.2015-01-27 03:00:00340  
Motorola Mobility1,357,169Join Lauren Gellman, Director of Product Marketing, and Steve Sinclair, VP of Product Marketing, for a first look at the new portfolio of Moto products.  They will be answering your questions live this Friday at 1:30 PM CT. Mark your calendars and post your questions using #askmotoA First Look at the New Portfolio of Moto Products2014-09-05 20:30:004882  
GPLUSSPOTLIGHT974*Google+ Business Spotlight (2014-07-16)* This week we welcome @104328553869453938019 aka Your @106909313027624222688, to talk to us about her passion of Google+, hangouts, and business. Bring your questions and your notepad, this is going to be fantastic! *About Yifat Cohen:* Yifat - also known as your G+GoTo Gal, is passionate about the possibilities Google plus brings to our lives and to our business. She is a Google+ veteran, and you can find her discussing Google+ strategies, Google+ marketing, engagement and relationship building on her weekly hangout show -Unscripted! *Connect with Yifat:* *Web:* http://www.gplusgotogal.com/ *Google+:* https://plus.google.com/+YifatCohen/about *YouTube:* http://www.youtube.com/user/TheEthosChallenge *Twitter:* https://twitter.com/MotechMarketing *Help us spread the word* *Pinterest:* http://www.pinterest.com/stephanhov/google-plus-business-spotlight/  *Twitter:* http://ctt.ec/O5aqU *Hashtag:* #gplusspotlight   (NEW: There's a Twitter list of everybody who tweets about our shows right here: https://twitter.com/stephanhov/lists/google-spotlight) *Join our email list* (http://gplusspotlight.com/join) to get insider info on guests, and Google+ tips from co-hosts @102572320061138442096 and @105076725141939280120 #googleplus #hangoutsonair #googleplusbusiness  Google+ Business Spotlight - Yifat Cohen2014-07-16 18:30:00158  
Alex Mandossian10,336During this hangout you will: 1. Discover the Must-Have Steps For Every Content Repurposing Project so you can DOMINATE your niche and category   2. 5 Mistakes to Avoid Before Getting Your Message To Market so Google does not Penalize you   3. Learn The Truth About How To “Hit the Mark” when Marketing to your tribe Please click "Going" to RSVP, plus 1 this event, share this event, and be sure to set a reminder to return to this page at the scheduled time OR our Hangout LIVE page here http://bit.ly/MOHangout #MOHangout     #MarketingOnline     #Marketing     #hangoutsonair     #Success   #Leadership     #leadershipdevelopment       #clients   #clientattraction     #coaching     #consulting     #affiliate     #affiliatemarketing     #affiliatemarketingprograms     #contentmarketing    #bookinar   p.s. Become a Fan on our Facebook Page here https://www.facebook.com/beproductive All Good Wishes-  A.M. Please click "Going" to RSVP, plus 1 this event, share this event, and be sure to set a reminder to return to this page at the scheduled time OR our Hangout LIVE page here http://bit.ly/MOHangoutKing of Funnel Marketing - Google Friendly Repurposing2014-06-27 21:00:00168  
Alex Mandossian10,336  G+ Hangouts for Network Marketers During this hangout you will: 1. DISCOVER 3 time-proven strategies that grow your DOWNLINE faster, easier and without personal rejection 2. AVOID the 5 most embarrassing MISTAKES network marketers make when doing their prospecting online 3. LEARN 2 important RULES of how to engage more strangers and convert them into highly-qualified prospects Please click "Going" to RSVP, plus 1 this event, share this event, and be sure to set a reminder to return to this page at the scheduled time OR our Hangout LIVE page here http://bit.ly/MOHangout #MOHangout     #MarketingOnline     #Marketing     #hangoutsonair     #Success   #Leadership     #leadershipdevelopment       #clients   #clientattraction     #coaching     #consulting     #affiliate     #affiliatemarketing     #affiliatemarketingprograms     #contentmarketing    #bookinar   p.s. Become a Fan on our Facebook Page here https://www.facebook.com/beproductive All Good Wishes-  A.M. Please click "Going" to RSVP, plus 1 this event, share this event, and be sure to set a reminder to return to this page at the scheduled time OR our Hangout LIVE page here http://bit.ly/MOHangoutFunnel Marketing King - Hangouts for Network Marketers2014-06-06 21:00:00152  
Jason Howell (raygun01)68,162*5pm PT at http://live.twit.tv* Don't miss tonight's episode! We welcome dedicated Glasstronaut @109854785137745177366 , of Byte an Atom Research, to talk all about... well... you know. Some Glassy news, some court battles, some leaky hardware, some fantastic Google app updates, and an Arena that might just melt your face off. (we are not responsible for any face melting that may occur) See you then!All About Android with guest Noble Ackerson2014-05-07 02:00:0036  
Alex Mandossian10,336By attending this Hangout  you’ll learn the following 3 key objectives: 1. DISCOVER why commonly accepted scientific TRUTHS are notorious MYTHS in disguise 2. AVOID widely accepted MIND TRAPS that cause lots of pain and human SUFFERING 3. SEEK to gain more CLARITY on how to capture and confirm your core STRENGTHS and much, much more.   Please click "Going" to RSVP, plus 1 this event, share this event, and be sure to set a reminder to return to this page at the scheduled time OR our Hangout LIVE page here http://bit.ly/MOHangout #MOHangout     #MarketingOnline     #Marketing     #hangoutsonair     #Success   #Leadership     #leadershipdevelopment       #clients   #clientattraction     #coaching     #consulting     #affiliate     #affiliatemarketing     #affiliatemarketingprograms     #contentmarketing    p.s. Become a Fan on our Facebook Page here https://www.facebook.com/beproductive All Good Wishes-  A.M. Please click "Going" to RSVP, plus 1 this event, share this event, and be sure to set a reminder to return to this page at the scheduled time OR our Hangout LIVE page here http://bit.ly/MOHangoutMake Money with Google Hangouts - 12 Historic Myths Dispelled2014-04-04 21:00:00116  
Yifat Cohen79,383*What is The single most important skill to master to make more money now?* _Join our hangout to  receive Marcia’s unique brand of laser coaching to catapult you forward on your goals._ +Marcia Wieder is a seasoned expert having appeared on Oprah (twice!), because she helps successful companies *exceed their potential* as thought leaders on visionary thinking.  *SHE MADE MILLIONS DOING WHAT SHE LOVES, & SHE'LL SHOW YOU HOW* In this Hangout, Marcia will walk us through -  ·         Secrets for accomplishing big goals even when money is tight. ·         5 steps to be paid well for doing what you love. ·         How we sabotage our big ideas and a proven methods to avoid this. ·         How to think, speak and act like a visionary! *Special Gift* - Access to Marcia's *How Be a 21st Century Visionary Kit*  - powerful tools that provide the clarity to help you achieve your important dreams. ================== More about Marcia: Dream University’s CEO and Founder, Marcia Wieder is also the personal dream coach to +Jack Canfield, she starred in Beyond the Secret with +BOB PROCTOR, and is the past president of the National Association of Women Business Owners often in +The White House she met former presidents Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and George Bush Sr. Last, Marcia has been an instructor at the Stanford Business School. Marcia is committed to changing how we think, speak and act upon our dreams. The author of 14 books, she has appeared on *Oprah, the Today Show and was featured in her own PBS-TV* show called Making Your Dreams Come True. As a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle she urged readers to take “The Great Dream Challenge.” She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council along with thought leaders +Jack Canfield  and +John Gray. As past president of the National Association of Women Business Owners she assisted 3 U.S. presidents and serves on the advisory board for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.How to think, speak and act like a visionary!2014-02-21 18:00:00115  
Yifat Cohen79,383*Simply having your site mobile compatible is not enough any more.* Think about it - Why did Facebook take a *mobile first-approach* when they launched Paper today? Why didn't they start with a web experience and think, “How can we strip this down and put it on a small screen?”  Because we engage with our phones and consume information on it differently. *How -Can- Do You Reach Your Customers On The Go?* It's not a question of IF, it's a question of when and how, and to answer your most urgent mobile questions I bring to you @110204961428230314896 who is known to be *Holding the hands of the "WHAT IF" and leading them to the "WHY NOT"* *The Power of Partnerships and Networks* Here's the beautiful part of this entire process - you really don't have to go at it alone. Jim is a master connector and he's taking his app to market by partnering with other influencers and big companies. We'll be discussing -  * Mobile marketing and SMB  * Social Network is free but what now and why is it not working  * Advertising does not work?  * The new customer and the forgotten current customer  * The forgotten goal and the "What is in it for me society"  * Power of Partnerships Join us and bring a friend! ------------ #facebookpaper   #mobilemarketing   #hangoutsonair   #mobileapps   #socialnetworking   #partnershiptosuccess   #partnershipsmatter   #unscriptedhangout  How Do You Reach Your Customers On The Go?2014-02-06 18:00:0064  
Eric Enge23,237*Relationships, Influence and Marketing* What role will these play in your marketing mix in 2014? Are you worried about the _content marketing glut_?  How will you stand out? @111552522175915203592, @110619855408549015935, @107022061436866576067, and I will take these topics on and due our level best to see if we can help make some useful suggestions. The live broadcast YouTube link is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vBqqIIQHus The show will take place at 3 PM ET on Thursday January 23, 2014.  We will post the live YouTube link here 15 minutes before showtime. Watch the trailer for more info on the show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XUK3L0xXMk Please feel free to share the event or invite others!What's In a Relationship? (And Who Cares?)2014-01-23 21:00:00191  
Yifat Cohen79,383**Ready to learn exactly what your customers are doing on your site?** Google Analytics gives you more insights into your web presence than you can probably want to know, and - *it's too complicated!* Isn't it? Not really. Join +Yifat Cohen as she interviews +Liz Lockard on how to navigate through the mess that can be Google Analytics to *pull out real marketing insights* you can use so you can *stop wasting time on marketing that isn't doing anything for your business* and start spending more time *doing what you love*. Liz has been seen in The New York Times, Social Media Examiner, The Rise to The Top, LKR Social Media and more, Liz Lockard has been in the marketing-tech world for over 10 years and is a passionate about helping small businesses *get more of the RIGHT kind of traffic* to their website with minimal effort.  Unlike many other techie marketing consultants who make marketing online to be way more complicated than it needs to be, Liz focuses on *keeping things approachable and simple*. She's a Google Analytics nut and SEO coach & consultant who loves helping small businesses stop spending time on marketing that isn't working for their businesses so they can spend more time doing what they love.  She's also the creator of the *free Google Analytics Quickstart course* for small businesses which you can grab here: http://goo.gl/vfyYzL ------------ #analytics   #seo   #sitetraffic   #hangoutsonair   #unscipted   #gplusgotogal   #roi  How to Stop Wasting Time on Marketing That Doesn't Work & Get More of the Clients You Love2014-01-16 18:00:00147  
Yifat Cohen79,383*Let's see what a radio interview _looks_ like on a Hangout* +Larry King, +Simon Mainwaring, +Maria Quiban and now me! But this time - not just radio, but a Hangout with YOU! What can be better than that?!? I'll be talking Google+ and Hangouts for Business Rockstars with +Ken Rutkowski this Friday - *join us on a Hangout or call into the studio!* +Business Rockstars is a weekly show on KFWB, Talk 980 for ENTREPRENEURS by entrepreneurs. Every Monday through Friday, 2-4pm Ken Rutkowski connects the listener to some of the biggest names in business to share their experience and knowledge of entrepreneurship +Business Rockstars do not just create game-changing companies, they become a brand. Each show will introduce you to these Rockstars, their business experiences and amazing stories behind them. Ken Rutkowski has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, BBC, Wired, Business Week and has hosted technology radio shows on CNET, CBS and online. ------------------ #googouts   #businessrockstars   #gplusgotogal  Business Rockstars with Yifat Cohen2013-12-13 23:15:0090  
Yifat Cohen79,383They start by using a Pro ;)Behind the Scenes - How the Pros create products2013-12-13 18:25:2033  
Marques Brownlee3,947,951For an hour on Friday I'll sit down for a LIVE Hangout on Air with Dennis Woodside, CEO of Motorola! We'll talk *Project Ara, Moto X & G, Android and more!* When you rsvp, the event is automatically added to your Google Calendar with the correct adjusted time zone. Easy! Plus if you can't watch live, it'll be recorded and available to replay on YouTube. Subscribe so you don't miss it! http://youtube.com/MKBHDMKBHD Hangout with Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside!2013-12-06 19:00:003921  
Wade Harman19,981Join +Wade Harman in his show *Relationship Marketing*!  The very first show in a weekly series I will be doing.  My first guests will be +Mark Traphagen and +Eli Fennell, and we'll be discussing how to build relationships with that influential person and what it's like from both sides.  Come and join us as we talk about different strategies that will help you cultivate relationships out of basic connections! Sponsored by +Discover North Carolina and +The Mast Farm Inn, visit http://goo.gl/E8AFR for more information on your vacation to North Carolina! #hangouts   #hangoutsonair  Relationship Marketing2013-12-06 02:00:00155  
Yifat Cohen79,383*Have you ever wondered exactly how to send your story to a reporter or editor?* Do they want an email, a phone call, a press release, or something else entirely?  *HERE'S WHAT WE'LL COVER* _Time permits_ How your story is your brand’s fingerprint. It’s what makes your message unique. How to tell stories that the media and bloggers can’t help but share. What it really means when the media says they’re looking for unique stories. Seven ways you can hook the media, so they cover your story NOW. How to tap into the conversations your customers are already having -- instead of starting from scratch. Why you have to be totally turned on by your work to sell your story. *BONUS!!* Join me and get exclusive training on How To Submit Your Story to the Press, including *free access* to Brigitte's *pitch template* and magazine contact cheat sheet. *WHO IS BRIGITTE?* +Brigitte Lyons  founded Unfettered Ink after a decade working at PR agencies on behalf of corporate clients. She got in the game, because She wanted to use her gift for strategy and passion for story-telling to do good. But, instead of championing causes she believed in, she found myself infiltrating public meetings. Although her chosen career wasn't what she expected, she's grateful for those early experiences. She learned from some of the best in the business. Former editors inked up her copy, whip smart marketers challenged her creatively, and CEOs wouldst rest until their message was heard. At Jasculca Terman, she learned *how a movement was organized from the ground-up*, at Hill & Knowlton, she battled a governor and won, and at Arment Dietrich, she worked with top tier media like CNN and Bloomberg. Now she has a laser-sharp talent for communications, which she gets to devote to a group she cares deeply about. Thought leaders, change-makers and problem solvers. ---------- #pr   #hangoutsonair   #howtohangout   #unscripted   #MEDIA   #pressreleasetips   #pressrelease   #mediapitching  How To Submit Your Story to the Press2013-10-31 17:00:00100  
Tony Horton392,389Tony Horton will be participating in a Google+ Hangout on Air on October 30, 2013 where he will be discussing the mental side of fitness and why having the right mindset is vital to your health & well-being. If you would like to join the Hangout On Air with Tony, respond to his questions in the Google+ Fitness Community and use the hashtag #TonyHortonConvo.  You might even get to join the conversation.Tony Horton's Google+ Conversation on 10/30/132013-10-30 23:00:00262  
Yifat Cohen79,383*You share such valuable content on your Hangouts, can you monetize it?* Of course you can!  Don't be fooled by +Nathalie Lussier's cute video here. Nathalie is my kind of tech-geek who has put in her 10,000-plus hours of programming time while earning her Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering. But rather than accepting a stable position with a Wall Street firm, Nathalie launched her business witch's hat in her videos - all about healthy eating. *STARTING A BUSINESS IN A SATURATED NICHE* Her parents and peers thought she was crazy but Nathalie built a website that now boasts 750,000 yearly visitors and over 1 million page views. *HER SECOND BUSINESS IS WHAT WE'RE GOING TO TALK ABOUT* Nathalie's second business quickly grew to *a six figure consulting company* started with a small list of about 100 people! *HERE'S WHAT WE'LL COVER* _Time permits_ A Blueprint for Growing a Popular Blog from the Ground Up *Launching a Product* with an Email List of 50-100 People Taking a Free Content Piece and Turning It into a Paid Product The Power of Doing 1-on-1 Work for *Market Research* A Step-by-Step Walkthrough of Creating a *Compelling Opt-In* Making the Transition to *Higher Price Point Programs* Looking at the *Assets You Have* to Create a Business Model Taking Your Business Off the Charts and *Reinventing Your Business* A Look at Putting Together High-End Mastermind Group *GET STARTED BEFORE THE HANGOUT STARTS* Join me and get access to Nathalie's *FREE 30 Day List Building Challenge* that shows you how to grow your email list more in the next 30 days than you have in the past 3 months... one easy step at a time!" http://goo.gl/N73Mmn -------------- #hangoutsonair   #productlaunch   #mailinglist   #paidcontent   #repurposing   #mastermind   #marketresearch   #salespagecreation   #unscripted   #gplusgotogal   #livehoa  And how to do it all with a tiny email list.2013-10-24 18:00:00137  
Android Developers772,310Join @118292708268361843293, @103125970510649691204 and @113735310430199015092 as they discuss various elements of Android Design. This week, we'll recap a number of best practices for allowing users to consume and manipulate collections of objects. #ADiA #AndroidDesignAndroid Design in Action: Collections2013-10-01 16:30:00342  
Yifat Cohen79,383*What if I told you it’s safe to stop waiting and to start launching?* _This is a Public Hangout, feel free to share and invite your friends._ If you're like me, you're probably waiting for *everything* to be just *perfect* before you launch (your book, your product, your business, your life?) But then I met +Anne Samoilov who encourages her clients to *make room for their revolution* as she asks - “Could It Really Be Possible… That you've been wrong about *waiting to launch* your first online product because your list isn't big enough, your product isn't finished, or simply *think you’re not ready*?” Anne should know. She's been helping the likes of +Marie Forleo who gave her this testimonial: _You are AMAZING Anne! Really, I cannot tell you how much your support, genius, heart and soul has made a difference to me. I love love love you and frankly – don’t want this to stop!!! :)_ _- Marie Forleo, MarieForleo.com_ *SO GREAT, BUT WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO TALK ABOUT?* -- The First 10 Steps To Plan Your Launch -- How To Build Your Launch Team -- How To Use Swipe Files The Right Way -- 20 Simple Actions To Organize Your Business Plus a link to Anne's personal online business resource list And as always - *you get 30 minutes to ask Anne anything you'd like*, Unscripted style. ------------- #productlaunch   #unscripted   #hangoutsonair   #onlinemarketing   #howtomakemoneyonline   #livehoa   #howtomakemoneyonline  The Art of Discovering What You SHOULD be Launching2013-09-19 18:00:0059  
Gina Gaudio-Graves18,549On Tuesday, July 9th at 7pm eastern, my good friend, Ken Krell, and I are hosting a free Preview Webinar that will show you how to use other people's content with an Economy of Action system to get the social media sites working for YOU instead of the other way around! ---> http://www.askggg.com/socialpreview WHAT: "Social Media is THE KEY to Having a Steady Stream of New Customers!" ...  WHERE: GoToWebinar - just reserve your seat now at: ---> http://www.askggg.com/socialpreview Did you know... ...55% of consumers share their purchases socially on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sites ...79% of Pinterest users are more likely to purchase items they’ve seen on Pinterest  ...59% of Pinterest users have purchased an item they saw on the site ...33% of Facebook users have purchased an item they saw on their news feed or a friend’s wall ...There are 955 million active users on Facebook that spend an average of six hours and 35 minutes per month on the network ...Each day Facebook users spend 10.5 billion minutes (almost 20,000 years) online on the social network Why are these statistics so important to you and your business? Because they tell you that no matter who your business targets, those people are using Social Media in a BIG way! And that means that if you want to get your message in front of them, you have GOT to be where they are! ---> http://www.askggg.com/socialpreviewSocial Media is THE KEY to Having a Steady Stream of New Customers!2013-07-10 01:00:2635  
Yifat Cohen79,383**How does the human media changes the game.** Since +Sarah Hill is such a game changer in this sphere, we don't feel comfortable keeping her all to ourselves. So our last session tomorrow is going to be *open to all!* *Watch it live here* because when it's done we're taking it down and making it available only in our members area. *JOIN US TOMORROW AS SARAH SHARES:* -- Production tips to make good G+ Hangouts great -- How can G+ Hangouts expand exposure and engagement  -- How can G+ Hangouts attract MORE G+ Followers faster and easier? -- *How Glass is changing the Human Media.* ---------- #hms   #humanmedia   #hangoutmarketingsecrets   #glass   #livehoa   #hangoutsonair  HANGOUT MARKETING SECRETS WITH SARAH HILL.2013-06-26 18:00:0069  
Yifat Cohen79,383*HANGOUTS AND ITUNES - THE ULTIMATE TRAFFIC TOOLS.* _This is a public Hangout. Feel free to share it with your stream._ Here's a secret that most online marketers don't know, but @113860946698417746202 has mastered and profited from: *Podcasting is an untapped marketing secret!* Why? Among all the reasons that Kris will share on this Hangout, here are 2 facts that YOU need to consider before you write it off -  -- GM is offering Stitcher SmartRadio as a built in feature in new cars via MyLink. This means that *podcasting is now a station in your car.* -- second, *think of the demographic* of those car drivers.. think of the demographic of podcasts listeners. Your next thought needs to be *BUT HOW CAN I PROFIT FROM THIS?* That's exactly the reason Kris is joining us on Unscripted!  Kris will show you *how to Go Global in 30 days* and she WILL change your whole perspective on your business. In our one hour Hangout Kris will show you how to *Reach More People, Make MORE Sales and HAVE more FUN!*    Join us and get to meet Kris face to face in an Unscripted! hangout onAir. ---------- #mylink   #unscripted   #podcasting   #hangoutsonair   #livehoa   #itunes   #sticher  How to generate more traffic, leads and sales with iTunes2013-06-20 18:00:0036  
Yifat Cohen79,383*JUST THINK ABOUT HOW GOOGLE _NOW_ WORKS..* _This Hangout is open to the Public. Feel free to invite your friends._ Put a bit more simply, if your online digital marketing strategy is based upon the creation of content that is keyword stuffed, contained tightly within a website and relying solely upon the usual link spamming to help search engines discover it, *you are setting yourself up to fail.*  *IN THIS HANGOUT* +David Amerland, author of the new book *Google Semantic Search:* _Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques That Get Your Company More Traffic, Increase Brand Impact, and Amplify Your Online Presence_  Will discuss how to: *Boost your site’s rankings* today -- and tomorrow! Take advantage of the *Knowledge Graph, TrustRank, AuthorityRank*, and other search innovations *Improve* the way you execute on content and *social media marketing*. *Take advantage of* specialized Google "search verticals," including Image and Mobile search Learn which social bookmarking services contribute to *Google search ranking*, and how to make the most of them. *Pre order the book here -* http://goo.gl/2gZuN ------- #seo #knowledgegraph #socialmedia #contentmarketing #mobile #googlenow #technology #authorrank #authorship #mobileseo SEO is dead! Long live SEO.2013-05-30 18:00:0065  
Yifat Cohen79,383*How to tell the story of the good work you do in ways that build your business.* _This is a Public Hangout. feel free to invite your friends._ The role of *purposeful storytelling* is to unlock people's emotions so they can connect to your story and brand. *JOIN +Simon Mainwaring AND +Yifat Cohen FOR AN INTERACTIVE HANGOUT ON AIR*  Simon Mainwaring is a Fortune 50 consultant and New York Times bestselling author of +We First  (voted Best Marketing Book of 2012 by strategy+business) joins us in an interactive OnAir Hangout to explains how the most successful brands in the world are using social media to accelerate their brand awareness, profits and positive social impact.  *IN THIS HANGOUT...* You’ll learn how to tell a unique brand story that sets you apart from competitors and brings in new, loyal customers. You’ll learn how to use social media to inspire existing customers to buy and promote your brand. You’ll discover the proven digital, social and mobile marketing techniques that rapidly grow your reputation, profits and impact. http://goo.gl/OXPb4How To Use Social Media to Build Your Community.2013-05-23 18:00:0090  
Yifat Cohen79,3831. Getting Your Ideal Customers 2. Getting Existing Customers to Stick 3. Maximizing your Customer Lifetime Value  *THIS IS A _PERSONAL_ STRATEGY HANGOUT - NOT MARKETING ADVICE.* _In the spirit of collaboration, I am sharing my best kept secret with you._ +Linda Feinholz is my +Tony Robbins  - I turn to her when *there's just too much on my plate and not enough in my bank account.* She cuts through my fog and simplifies everything into easy to take steps that bring back peace and profit into my work day.  *ALLOW LINDA TO SIMPLIFY YOUR BIGGEST BUSINESS CHALLENGE.* In this Thursday hangout, we will pick *the best questions posted below, invite you into the Hangout* and offer simple solutions to transform your business chaos into a business you love getting out of bed for. *SHE DOES IT FOR ME, AND I CONVINCED HER TO DO IT FOR YOU TOO.* So tell me - what's your profit model and what's your biggest challenge? ------------ #profitmodel   #businessconsultant   #hangoutsonair   #livehoa   #business   #businessstrategy   #livehangoutonair   #streamline   #breakthrough   #tonyrobbins  3 Biggest Challenges Facing Businesses Today: Let's break through them!2013-05-09 18:00:0035  
Blogger1,433,039We’re hosting a Hangout on Air with lead Product Manager @109161242786054443993 and lead Engineer @103389452828130864950 to discuss last week’s launch of Google+ Comments for Blogger. If you’ve got questions about the launch, please leave them in the comments below so that Dan and Yonatan can answer them during the Hangout.Join the team behind Google+ Comments for Blogger for a Hangout on Air2013-04-25 20:30:001141  
Yifat Cohen79,383*3 things are changing the film industry, and making it easier for you to shine.* *DID YOU EVER THINK YOU COULD GO HEAD TO HEAD WITH MAJOR STUDIOS AND WIN?* Imagine a future in which Nazis fled to the dark side of the Moon during the second world war, only to return in 2018 with a space fleet to attack earth. *Would you go watch this movie?* Better yet - would you *invest any money* in making this movie a reality? And yet, Iron Sky raised close to 700,000 euros and made this film. *HOW DID THEY DO IT?* Sales agents are out, fan managers are in as several innovative models in e-commerce rise from the ashes of the traditional film industry and promise adaptation to disruptive technology. *WE HAVE THE NUMBERS FOR YOU.* Join +Brian Briskey and myself as we review the convergence between social media, search marketing, and brand influence to *build returning audience* and patrons for film and other entertainment content. ---------- #crowdsourcing #crowdfunding #film #video #entertainment #hangoutsonair #crowdfund How crowd funding is changing the film industry, and why it is great for YOU.2013-02-14 18:00:0035  
Yifat Cohen79,383*As a small business owner I'd like to know how the Obama Care affecting me.* _This Hangout is public so feel free to invite and share._ But not only as a business owner, also as a parent and a citizen. *Should I cancel my health insurance and use ObamaCare?* Should I open a new company when I need more than 49 employees or should I outsource instead of hire? Join +Tim Cook, +Dr. Jonas Moses,+Charlie d'Estries and myself as we attempt to answer some of these questions. *If you're a business owner, or informed about ObamaCare, we'd love to have you join us!* This is not a debate, but rather an educational discussion on how things are changed, how they affect us and what can we do about them. *ABOUT OUR PANELISTS* +Tim Cook has a Health Informatics Research & Consulting Services with the goal of "Improving Health Care with Free and Open Source Software and Standards"  He is also a Hangout host of Healthcare IT Live!, Host on YouTube. Specializing in workshops on the multi-level modelling approaches to developing interoperable, future-proof health applications. http://www.mlhim.org This platform is designed especially for developing healthcare applications of all types.  Providing a foundation for semantic interoperability. Specialties: Government and private industry research fullfillment. International health system experience. Information systems design & development. Healthcare standards. -------------- +Charlie d'Estries is a consultant in the life science and biotechnology field. With more than 30 years of experience, d'Estries has seen the good and the bad as pharmaceutical and biotech companies create new drug products for the market... this is an integral part of the Affordable Care Act. ----------- +Dr. Jonas Moses has lectured, written and consulted on a broad spectrum of Science, Medicine, Innovation, Technology & Public Policy subjects, to diverse professional audiences across the United States. He has consulted with scientists, physicians, governmental leaders, policy-makers, industry professionals & academies  throughout the US and elsewhere, abroad. Recently, Dr. Moses co-wrote a novel Telemedicine patent (summer 2012) and currently, he is engaged in providing technical consulting services to a large medical group practice, in the Houston (TX) area. Dr. Moses is also preparing to collaborate on an large-scale project regarding the development of an Internet portal Electronic Medical Records "dashboard," for patients. -------------------------- #obamacare   #obamacaretax   #smallbusiness   #hangoutsonair   #health   #healthcare   #healthinsurance  Small Business Owner? Join our panel and share your point of view!2013-02-07 18:00:0049  
Yifat Cohen79,383*25 tips on how to use Apps that you wish you knew.* _This Hangout is public. Feel free to share and invite._ It is hard to convince an organization to change, especially after years of being invested in software and organizational behavior that define the daily operations of a company. Still ZeroDivide did. They have made the switch to Google Apps. and have seen a great reduction in overhead costs and actual money saving.  *HOW SO?* Join +Rolando Brown from +Grovo   and +Amro Radwan Director of IT at ZeroDivide as we discuss the Going Google Journey in details. *We'll talk real numbers, challenges and victories:* What was ZeroDrive using before they switched to Apps? What were their costs? What made them consider switching - what challenge were they trying to solve? What was their journey like switching to Apps - were there any issues along the way? How much did switching to Apps cost them overall? How much did they save switching to Apps? Did their work style change at all with Apps - more working remotely? Any insights on making the decision to switch and the journey itself easier for other companies? *AS WELL AS* 25 tips on how to use Apps that you might not have known before... *WHO IS ZERODRIVE?* ZeroDivide was founded in 1998 as the result of groundbreaking advocacy work and coalition building by 134 community organizations during the merger of two telecommunications companies: Pacific Bell and SBC Communications. Originally called the Community Technology Foundation of California, the foundation invested almost $50 million in about 400 nonprofit organizations working with underserved communities. To help build community assets, ZeroDivide developed a social enterprise program to nurture and support community entrepreneurs dedicated to creating jobs, building skills and cultivating broad-based community wealth. Read more here: http://www.zerodivide.org/our_story --------------- #googleapps   #goinggoogle   #hangoutsonair   #gplusgotogal   #zerodrive   #grovo   #googleappstips    #tipsandtricks  Should you invest in Google Apps, or continue running your business with free tools?2013-01-24 18:00:0031  
Yifat Cohen79,383*Forget the hype, here's the real thing.* _This event is open to the public - feel free to invite and share_ @104986189964051501362 is one of the top marketers in the world. He started his first Internet company in 1998 for less than $100 and has grown it into a full-fledged empire that now brings in 7-figures a month. He's been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and the cover of Millionaire Blueprints. Ryan has also written 4 best-selling books, was a co-author to the NY Times Best-Selling Series, The Worst Case Scenario Business Survival Guide. Ryan co-wrote the book "Mastering the World of Marketing" which featured other marketing legends like @111310990991240556038, @112374836634096795698 (the original Apple evangelist),  @104255058920429429590 (founder of Zappos), and Jay Conrad Levinson (creator of Guerilla Marketing). Ryan was featured in over a dozen other books including "Moonlighting on the Internet" "Yes, This Book Will Make You Money" and "Prepare to be a Millionaire". He reaches over 300,000 people through his popular sites and newsletters and has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs create massively successful business. *AND NOW HERE'S HERE TO FREE-TALK WITH YOU.*  Join us this Thursday as we cover these points: _How to create recurring revenue_ _How to create compelling content_ _The #1 "secret" to getting more traffic_ _The simplified product model - and why you must follow this._ And then open it up to a free flowing conversation about money, life and the internet. ----- #internetmarketing   #passiveincome   #recurringrevenue   #hangoutsonair   #onairhangouts  The simplified product model and why you must follow this.2012-12-13 18:00:0091  
Yifat Cohen79,383*Still want 50% OFF? Check out the coupon in the comments.* Join @111509959619736677567 and  @104328553869453938019 and learn the secrets of Growing your audience and making money online. *HERE'S WHAT YOU'LL LEARN WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR SOFA* The secrets to getting people to share your online content with their peeps (it’s not what you think) How to MAXIMIZE YouTube to bring in raving fans and customers The key to building relationships with key influencers…by interviewing them How to DOMINATE Facebook by turning strangers into fans and fans into super fans How to tap into a HUGE opportunity to grow your audience with Google+ Hangouts (by yours truly) It’s what you do away from your website that matters. How to use offsite promotion to bring in more fans. *MAKING MONEY ONLINE:* Very specific bling bling case studies. Learn the exact strategies 6-figure and 7-figure mediaprenuers are using to monetize right now (and steal them for yourself!) This ain’t 2005! How successful mediapreneurs and online marketers are monetizing in 2012. MMWYS: Make money while you sleep by implementing passive income strategies that actually work Learn how to tap into multiple revenue streams including creating VIP memberships and high-ticket digital products and courses. The secrets to getting paid over and over and over and over again through big time reoccurring revenue *LEARN MORE ABOUT @111509959619736677567* I've had the pleasure of interviewing David on a Hangout. The guy really knows his stuff. Check him out: http://www.gplusgotogal.com/the-rise-to-the-top-how-to-create-and-profit-from-your-own-interview-based-web-showThe Talk To The Top - Grow your audience like a weed and make the bling bling2012-11-02 20:00:0044  
Noble Ackerson11,802*5K, zombie-infested obstacle race* Come cheer us on or participate (tickets still available) Shameless plug: _I'm running for @108418380070548180355 in case you want to donate, donations go to books for kids in Ghana._Run For Your Lives - G+ Runners2012-10-27 15:30:008  
Arnold Schwarzenegger124,391Come hangout with Arnold to discuss his new autobiography, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story. www.schwarzenegger.com/totalrecallHangout with Arnold2012-10-05 23:30:001498  
Yifat Cohen79,383*In future, the real world is set to combine with the virtual.* @114577722282151998747 got the a lot of hype recenctly . Did you know that BMW has their own glasses too? Have you heard of the http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26xFmaajc7Q? A device that allows you to be part of an intuitive and holistic experience *where your interface is YOU..* Join Prof. @115734652606909222420 and I and discover the latest devices and ideas in augmented reality today, and more importantly - *let’s discuss how we can make money out of them.* *WE'LL COVER* The cirital compoants of Augmented Reality today. The broad settings of 3D3C (Community, Creation and Commence) The future business models. Business opportunities in this field. Prof. @115734652606909222420 is the Manageting editor of the Journal of Virtual Worlds research and Head of the Management Information System Program at the Tel Aviv Academic College. He is also the man behind the 3D3C theory that talks about the 3 critical component s to the 3D reality: community, creativity and commerce. *More information about Prof. Sivan* Prof. Yesha Sivan is the head of the Management Information Systems (MIS) Program (http://is.mta.ac.il) at the School of Management and Economy at the Tel-Aviv-Yaffo academic college (http://www.mta.ac.il). He is also the founder of Metaverse Labs (MVL) - a leading think tank focusing on connecting virtual and real worlds. Sivan's professional experience includes developing and deploying innovative solutions for corporate, hi-tech, government, and defense environments (see for example: the Harvard 9-Keys for Knowledge Infrastructure). He published numerous papers in the areas of Strategy and IT, knowledge, 3D3C virtual worlds, and standards. Sivan received his doctorate from Harvard University. His avatar is Dera Kit, and his blog is http://www.dryesha.com. He has taught EMBA, MBA, engineering and design in the areas of strategic value of IT, the emergence of virtual worlds, and software development in virtual worlds.Augmented Reality via 3D3C- there’s more to it than Google Glass.2012-09-04 18:00:0074  
Yifat Cohen79,383*What if…. Sunlight or artificial light can be turned into something close to light again?* @110221616669733479307 is the marketing manager of http://www.nightec.com, a German company that created crystals which *charge themselves* in UV- or black light and then *illuminate in the dark.*  *PRINT YOUR OWN ART* During the Hangout, Holger will show you how you can get your own portrait on a 8 inch x 10 inch night glowing acrylic glass. *LIVE DEMONSTRATION* Join us this Thur. for a live demonstration of how Nightec products can *save you money, and make your house cooler* (_Hey, I live in that house that glows_) We'll show *art pictures:* crystals in transparent acrylic paint, Baby picture: portrait of the mother: a light-recycler. *Wall paint* – we'll do the math for you *Textile paint*  *Aggregates*: engineered stones – walls, terrazzo flooring (imagine how cool your yard can look) *THE IMPLICATIONS ARE UNLIMITED* *The concept is simple:* Sunlight is energy. If we can re-use it (light recycling), we can turn people into a light recycler, *saving energy, saving money and saving our planet.* From painting your walls, so you save on electricity in your house, to art that glows in the dark, to children toys and cloths (Halloween customs anyone?)You Want Light? Turn It Off!2012-08-30 18:00:0023  
Yifat Cohen79,383*JOIN ME FOR THE FASTEST HANGOUT EVER!* We'll only be online for the length of time it takes @102068274215594781889 to read a bedtime story.. so blink once and you'll miss it. :) Seriously though, **this is going to be one of the most fun packed HOA ever.** Aside from the multiple world records that Fran holds (read more below), she is also one of the funniest women I know. She is a motivational speaker, adventurer, comedian, TV host and a voice-over artist. There's hardly anything she hasn't done yet, and she is super amazing at finding the good in everything. *FINISH YOUR WEEK WITH AN ACHING BELLY LAUGHTER AND COME MEET 5 WORLD RECORDS HOLDER FACE TO FACE* @102068274215594781889 is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, Ripley's Believe it or Not!  and the Book of Alternative Records. She is currently listed in the *Guinness World Records as the fastest-talking female, having broken the record twice.* Fran also holds a record for *highest elevation for a book signing*, as the only author to do a book-signing *on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro*,AND the record for *lowest elevation for a book signing*, at the wreck site of the RMS *Titanic*  Fran has been on over 250 television shows and 1000 radio shows including *Entertainment Tonight, Larry King Live*, Last Call with Carson Daly, Good Morning America, Nick at Nite, Discovery Channel and the Martha Stewart Show.Meet the World's Fastest Talking Female!2012-08-23 18:00:0017  
Yifat Cohen79,383*How did @107022061436866576067 managed to Outranked @112707199408484711520 for Her Own Post?* If you know Mari, you know this is no easy thing to do. And if you know Mari, you know this means that Mark really knows his stuff. *HAND HOLDING, STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS* Mark described the process in this post: https://plus.google.com/109417353800451599337/posts/YfmnwpKiSea Join us this Thur. as Mark will *walk us through* all the steps you need to take in order to rank high in Search. *WE'LL DISCUSS:* The Relationship of Google+ to SEO *Authorship:* Myths, facts and misconceptions (is the badge enough?) +1, shares, comments - which one affect ranking the most? The growing benefits of being social, link building - which ones Google likes social signals. And if we have time.... *Google+ local and SEO* -  The importance of creating a local google page, and *how to do that.* How to verify the local page and why should you. *TO GET THE MOST OUT OF THIS HANGOUT* Read Mark's post, prepare your questions and come ready to learn how to get your post rank higher in Google Search. #search   #googleranking   #authorship   #googleplustips   #seo   #googlelocal   #googlepages   #contentmarketing   #content   #marismith   #gplusgotogal   #blogging   #comments   #share  Which of Google+ features matter in Search Ranking?2012-08-21 18:00:0071  
Yifat Cohen79,383*HOW ONE MOM’S BLOG BECAME THE BIGGEST NETWORK IN THE UK.*  @117079763782826581726 was a tech journalist contributing stories to ZDNet, Computing, Computer Weekly, Information Age, Mac User and the Guardian.  When her daughter turned 2 she started a parenting blog at Who's the Mummy, (ranked the UK's #1 parenting blog by Cision.) As comments started to come in, she realized there are other women bloggers out there but there was no way to find them, or know who the influences are. So she created @105290313389486695784 *a directory of 2,500 parent blogs that is fully updated every month, and allows brands to search, identify and contact the UK's most popular and influential bloggers.* *WHAT CAN YOU GET FROM A SUCCESSFUL BLOG?* How about an *invitation to go and tour the sets of Harry Potter at Warner Bros Studios* *Paid trips and accommodation* like the one Sally got to the South of France.. *Free products to review* and of course - *a nice income*. *SO HOW DO YOU GET YOUR BLOG TO THAT POINT?* Join us this Thur. and ask Sally directly.How to monetize your blog? The power is the numbers.2012-08-16 18:00:0061  

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So many people take security for granted.

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Will have to wait a bit longer for the 3DS version but so worth it.

Relive your childhood with the Mega Man Legacy Collection

Capcom is jumping into the nostalgia fray with the Mega Man Legacy Collection which features the first 6 Mega Man games for your enjoyment on your console or PC.

#Capcom   #MegaMan   #MegaManLegacyCollection   #Games  ___Will have to wait a bit longer for the 3DS version but so worth it.

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Flat tire is still there and it still does not bother me in the least.

New Moto 360 images show off two sizes: The Moto 360L and Moto 360S

Two more images have surfaced on Google+ which appear to show the rumoured Moto 360 smartwatch in two sizes, tagged as the Moto 360L and the Moto 360S.

#Moto360   #AndroidWear   #FlatTire   #Moto360L   #Moto360S  ___Flat tire is still there and it still does not bother me in the least.

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What could possibly go wrong.

"Don't drone me Bro!" Police in North Dakota can now arm drones with tasers

North Dakota police can now arm drones with non-lethal weapons such as tasers, tear gas and rubber bullets. That means police drones can fire tasers, rubber bullets, bean bags, and gas canisters from the sky, remotely.

#Drones   #Police   #NorthDakota   #Tasers  ___What could possibly go wrong.

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Well at least the brand name is safe for now.

Lenovo Mobile Being Absorbed By Motorola Mobility

Lenovo Mobile is being absorbed by Motorola Mobility, all smartphones will now be branded as Motorola with Lenovo remaining on the PC market end of things.
#Lenovo   #Motorola   #Smartphones   #Technology  +Motorola Mobility +Lenovo +Lenovo Mobile Indonesia ___Well at least the brand name is safe for now.

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No more free app of the day, but this could actually be better.

Amazon Underground For Android Launches
UPDATE: Amazon has also killed Free App Of The Day
It appears Amazon has launched a new app for Android called, Amazon Underground. There was no official announcement or blog post giving any sort of description or purpose but from the looks of it, this is a free app aggregator.
#Amazon   #FreeAppOfTheDay   #Android  +Amazon.com ___No more free app of the day, but this could actually be better.

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This game may ruin my life.

This game may ruin my life.___

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Called it :)

Rumor Pile Up: Moto X Play Coming to US as Droid Maxx II

After not launching the Moto X Play in the US, Motorola will instead be giving us the big-battery-packing phone as the Verizon Droid Maxx II.
#MotoXPlay   #DroidMaxxII   #Motorola   #Verizon  +Motorola Mobility +Verizon ___Called it :)

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Oddly brilliant.

Pretty cool idea!___Oddly brilliant.

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So this is odd. My main work laptop that has yet to get the Win10 OTA update is no longer showing that Win10 Update icon. Just vanished all of a sudden. Probably means nothing but still a little...huh? 

(the pic below is the icon I'm referring to)

So this is odd. My main work laptop that has yet to get the Win10 OTA update is no longer showing that Win10 Update icon. Just vanished all of a sudden. Probably means nothing but still a little...huh? 

(the pic below is the icon I'm referring to)___

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Skylake powered Surface incoming!

October event set to launch new Microsoft Surface, Lumia, Band, and Xbox Devices

A Chinese tech site, WPDang, is reporting that Microsoft will be holding a launch event in October and will unveil the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, two new Lumia smartphones, an updated Band, and a new Xbox One console.

#Microsoft   #MicrosoftSurface   #Lumia   #MicrosoftBand   #XboxOne  ___Skylake powered Surface incoming!

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This look amazing.

(via +Beau Ryan)___This look amazing.

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I hate them for making this... waaaaaayyyy too addictive.

Crossy Road Developer Brings Us PAC-MAN 256: Endless Wave

Thirty-five years after the original Pac-Man was released, Namco Bandai has teamed up with Hipster Whale to bring you a new time waster - PAC-MAN 256: Endless Wave.
#Crossyroad   #pacman256   #Gaming  ___I hate them for making this... waaaaaayyyy too addictive.

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So many people take security for granted.

So many people take security for granted.___

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OK let's give this whole Mr. Robot thing a try. So far .... Great!


OK let's give this whole Mr. Robot thing a try. So far .... Great!


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We have a lot of sun here in NC Google... just sayin

Google's Project Sunroof takes the guesswork out of solar energy for your home

Google today has unveiled Project Sunroof, a tool that will help with all your questions relating to Solar Energy.

+Google  #ProjectSunroof   #SolarEnergy  ___We have a lot of sun here in NC Google... just sayin

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meh... I'll take it

Welcome #marshmallow   !
#Android  ___meh... I'll take it

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How great would this be in, let's say the next gen Pebble Watch?

Polyera flexible displays are coming in 2016

Polyera flexible displays are working out the problem of bending not only the display, but the electronics the display is connected to, their first product is due soon.

+Polyera  #WoveWear   #FlexibleDisplay  ___How great would this be in, let's say the next gen Pebble Watch?

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Let's hope Lenovo is paying attention and doesn't destroy the brand.

Short by accurate write up on the shifting landscape surrounding mobile device subsidies.___Let's hope Lenovo is paying attention and doesn't destroy the brand.

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Lucky for me I'm on Cricket....


AT&T Users Data Was Being Sent To The NSA Without Your Permission

A shocking (or perhaps not so shocking) report has emerged from the New York Times revealing that AT&T has been sending users data to the NSA without question.
#NSA   #ATT   #Privacy   #Spying   #DomesticSpying  +AT&T ___Lucky for me I'm on Cricket....


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From FreezerBoy: Make your refrigerator look like your favorite 80’s video game console with the FreezerBoy magnet set! Available for fridges of all sizes, this magnet set transforms your kitchen into a vintage geek shrine. [FreezerBoy Refrigerator Magnet]

From FreezerBoy: Make your refrigerator look like your favorite 80’s video game console with the FreezerBoy magnet set! Available for fridges of all sizes, this magnet set transforms your kitchen into a vintage geek shrine. [FreezerBoy Refrigerator Magnet]___

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Why you should hire digital nomads http://tnw.me/D4aVlyJ

Why you should hire digital nomads http://tnw.me/D4aVlyJ___

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This is unreal

Best view is best.___This is unreal

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Hello affordable Pixel...sort of.

Dell Chromebook 13 unveiled for professionals & businesses

Continuing its collaboration with Google, Dell has announced the Dell Chromebook 13 which is a premium 13.3" Chromebook aimed at professional and business-class users.

+Dell  #Canada   #Chromebook   #Business  ___Hello affordable Pixel...sort of.

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Robotics And The Future Of The Worlds Workforce

Robotics is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet and it does a lot of things well. So what is the future of the world's workforce in the age of robotics?
#Technology   #Robotics   #Robots   #Society   #Future  +PBS NewsHour 

Robotics And The Future Of The Worlds Workforce

Robotics is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet and it does a lot of things well. So what is the future of the world's workforce in the age of robotics?
#Technology   #Robotics   #Robots   #Society   #Future  +PBS NewsHour ___

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When Wade met Stan.

When Wade met Stan.

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Oh please tell me someone finally got this right.

Did Samsung Pay leapfrog Google and Apple in mobile payments?

Like many people, I long for the day that I can leave my house with just my phone. With the introduction of Samsung Pay, Samsung may be the first company that got mobile payments right.

+Samsung Mobile  #SamsungPay   #Google   #Apple   #NFC  ___Oh please tell me someone finally got this right.

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Might just overlook the Note's shortcomings this year. Lack of SD and removable battery are a concern but man oh man is it nice otherwise.

Samsung Introduces Galaxy Note 5, S6 edge+, Possible Gear 2

Samsung introduced their latest Galaxy Note 5 today as well as the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and a surprise beautiful looking Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Smartwatch.
#Samsung   #GalaxyNote5   #GalaxyS6EdgePlus   #GalaxyGear2  +Samsung Mobile USA +Samsung Mobile 
LOADS OF PICTURES!___Might just overlook the Note's shortcomings this year. Lack of SD and removable battery are a concern but man oh man is it nice otherwise.

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No commentary needed.

HA!___No commentary needed.

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Somehow I actually find myself using Twitter more because of this... weird.

Twitter Drops 140 Character Limit For Direct Messages

Who in their right mind wants to communicate in 140-character messages? Oh, 300 Million Twitter users? That’s cool. 
#Twitter   #DirectMessage   #Tweets   #SocialMedia  ___Somehow I actually find myself using Twitter more because of this... weird.

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I just don't get this move at all.

Niantic Labs splits from Google, future in Alphabet not certain

Niantic Labs sent an e-mail to players of the immensely popular Augmented Reality game Ingress and location-based information app Field Trip. The former Google startup announced that it is becoming and independent company.

+Google +Niantic Project +Ingress +Field Trip ___I just don't get this move at all.

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That cast.

Yup...sign me up.___That cast.

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Over 300 Seamless Paper Patterns

Over 300 Seamless Paper Patterns___

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Oooooooh that's niiiiice.

There are a bunch of smooth interactions in Android but sadly, rotation isn't one of them. I've been craving the "smooth rotation" (as seen on iOS) since ICS. Well, let's hope that one day, this will become an actual thing.
http://drbl.in/pDyW___Oooooooh that's niiiiice.

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So I see +Mashable is still trying to find new lows. Your move +The Verge 

Goodbye +Mashable ___So I see +Mashable is still trying to find new lows. Your move +The Verge 

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Hoolie.xyz is a thing... because awesome!


#siliconvalley   #hoolie   #dtf  

Hoolie.xyz is a thing... because awesome!


#siliconvalley   #hoolie   #dtf  ___

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No one is adding me on Alphabet+ ..... that place is a ghost-town. 

No one is adding me on Alphabet+ ..... that place is a ghost-town. ___

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alphabet.com is down as expected. Good job Goog...errr Alphabet.

alphabet.com is down as expected. Good job Goog...errr Alphabet.___

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Quite a "shake-up"

Larry Page unveils Alphabet, new parent company for Google and its ventures

Larry Page outlines how Google has never been a conventional company and will never be a conventional company. With that in mind, he announced Alphabet, the new umbrella under which Google and its various other ventures will be housed.

+Google  #Alphabet  +Larry Page +Sergey Brin +Sundar Pichai ___Quite a "shake-up"

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+Jeremiah Overton sold yet?

I would play this until I dropped from exhaustion if it is anything like the movie. ___+Jeremiah Overton sold yet?

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Elon Musk clearly an H.R. Giger fan

Elon Musk clearly an H.R. Giger fan___

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The Internet's reaction to Facebook defending their "3 seconds = view" explanation.

@: http://marketingland.com/facebook-defends-its-3-second-video-view-standard-137823?utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_source=plus.url.google.com&utm_medium=social

h/t: +Eli Fennell 

The Internet's reaction to Facebook defending their "3 seconds = view" explanation.

@: http://marketingland.com/facebook-defends-its-3-second-video-view-standard-137823?utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_source=plus.url.google.com&utm_medium=social

h/t: +Eli Fennell ___

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Wow.... Fantastic Four is rocking a 9% on RT. Even Pixels got all the way up to 18%

Wow.... Fantastic Four is rocking a 9% on RT. Even Pixels got all the way up to 18%___

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Guy rides a hoverboard over water while being filmed by a drone... just wow. 

Guy rides a hoverboard over water while being filmed by a drone... just wow. ___

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Cool. +Google+ is sending out these free #fiberiscoming   shirts to residents of the Research Triangle area in North Carolina. Supposedly there is a bunch of these so go here and get em: https://fiber.google.com/cities/raleighdurham/tshirt/

NC only apparently.


Cool. +Google+ is sending out these free #fiberiscoming   shirts to residents of the Research Triangle area in North Carolina. Supposedly there is a bunch of these so go here and get em: https://fiber.google.com/cities/raleighdurham/tshirt/

NC only apparently.

#googlefiber  ___

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By +Myke Hottenstein 



By +Myke Hottenstein 

#alwayssunny  ___

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Damn that's cheap.... Might make for a decent travel laptop.

Acer Debuts Windows 10 Powered Aspire One Cloudbook

Acer announced today their latest piece of hardware running Windows 10, the Aspire One Cloudbook. The Cloudbook comes in two sizes, 11 inch and 14 inch
#Acer   #Windows10   #Cloudbook   #Technology  +Acer ___Damn that's cheap.... Might make for a decent travel laptop.

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So a year from now, when Google+ is still alive and well, how many of these "writers" will actually admit their job is to basically peddle click-bait nonsense?

So a year from now, when Google+ is still alive and well, how many of these "writers" will actually admit their job is to basically peddle click-bait nonsense?___

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You want more Note 5 leaks?

Case Maker Spigen Leaks Galaxy Note 5 On Website

Case maker Spigen just leaked out the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on their website, this isn't the first time a case maker has jumped the gun in publishing webpages.
#GalaxyNote5   #Leaks   #Technology   #Smartphone  +Samsung Mobile USA +Samsung USA ___You want more Note 5 leaks?


CircleCount.com bietet Dir die Möglichkeit einen Button zu erstellen und diesen auf Deiner eigenen Seite zu platzieren.

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