A roundup about the photographer phenomenon

Today Olaf Bathke has written a very nice (german) article about Google+ and the phenomenon that more and more photographers are entering the rankings.

Olaf Bathke Blog

Olaf Bathke Blog

It’s an interesting article for photographers on how to handle the best social media, but also for non-photographers (like me) to see how they are using social media.

We are proud that Olaf has used CircleCount.com to get some analysis on the Google+ data. Thank you Olaf for mentioning and linking to our project!

Analysis of the Indonesian Google+ User


Google+ Indonesia at salingsilang.com

Google+ Indonesia at salingsilang.com

Rahadian P. Paramita has written a nice analysis of the Indonesian people at Google+.

He describes the gender contribution for Indonesia, where there are only around 20% women.

The interesting part he has found at CircleCount.com is that in the Top 5 of the most followed people in Indonesia there are 4 women and at the same time in the Top 5 of the most following people in Indonesia there are only men.
That’s very interesting since it’s an indicator on how the two gender are using Google+.

Thank you Rahadian for this detailed analysis!

Compliments from experts

Today GoogleMapsMania published a very nice article about CircleCount.com.

CircleCount.com at GoogleMapsMania

CircleCount.com at GoogleMapsMania

We like it very much since GoogleMapsMania is specialized on Google Maps and mashups using Google Maps. They surely know if a Google Maps Mashup is it worth to be mentioned.

We are following this blog since years and that’s like a dream coming true to be reviewed there. Thanks a lot Keir Clarke!

Thanks to Nicole

In Germany Nicole (0511web.de) was the first one to write an article, in which all providers of ranking tools were mentioned. It is more than interesting to see how many ranking-sites were build in such a short time. Moreover it is interesting to see the development process of each indiviual site, in such an early stage.

Google+ Linkliste und Verzeichnisse rund um Google+ Nicole @ 0511web

Google+ Linkliste und Verzeichnisse rund um Google+ Nicole @ 0511web

Differences are for example:

  • the design
  • the clarity of the design and the navigation
  • different ranking tools from Germany or the USA
  • available languages
  • the ranking tools from the US have a little advantage, since they have got more attention. Conclusion of the US press; they watch and write more often about small internet projects than the german press does (interested in the internet)
  • how are profiles caught and how many become evaluated / processed
  • response time
  • kindness and Spirit

We are more than happy that we were mentioned in this blog.

Thank you very much Nicole!

CircleCount.com used for interviews in Indonesia

We are proud to see a new interesting way to use CircleCount.com.

Joshua Kevin searched in the Top 100 of Indonesia and found the most followed persons from Indonesia to take an interview. Very interesting questions and even more interesting answers. You can find the interviews on Penn Olson.

More interesting for us at CircleCount.com is that after 2 days the Top 100 in Indonesia has changed a lot. Diki Andeas is still Nr. 1, but Enda Nasution who was Nr. 2 is now at the 5th position in Indonesia, that means there is a lot dynamic in Google+ in Indonesia.

You can see this dynamic also in our statistics, especially in this case in the follower statistics of the Top 10 in Indonesia:

Top 10 follower history for Indonesia @ CircleCount.com

Top 10 follower history for Indonesia @ CircleCount.com

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